your promotion to schools

to suit your budget and
your timing

Do you sell, or intend to sell, products or services to Australian schools?


We can help you reach Australian schools with your promotions about your programs, products or resources using our cost-effective, efficient, targeted, flexible and customisable promotional fax service.


Our data is maintained and regularly cleaned to be legally compliant and to ensure that your promotion goes to schools that are willing to receive information.


We offer one-off promotions plus programmable, customised packages to give you the best value for money and help with your marketing, so you can stretch your marketing budget.  This service is ideal for:


  • special offers
  • launching new programs, products, resources
  • excursions/incursions
  • use to deliver your newsletter
  • to let schools know when you have new products
  • school holiday programs and more.

On two separate occasions I used this fax service to promote my children's book series throughout Australia. The project was a great success. I had previously spent weeks ringing schools directly which was very stressful and I found it very difficult to make contact with the people to whom I wished to speak. Hence I thoroughly recommend this service to anyone who wishes to promote their product to schools in the most efficient and cost effective method possible.   - R Motter, author of Doofuzz Dudes children's book series.

"This is the best form of promotion to schools.

“I love using this fax service. The process is quick, cheap and a very effective way to get your message into the right hands.”
- S Costain, Marketing Director,



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